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Peak hours are M-F 9a-5p. Please log your use as either 37C or room temp.


As of Monday August 27, 2018 the microscope has been repaired and should be fully operational.



Please note the following Data Storage policy:

The internal hard drive (DATA1) is for short term storage only, in order to allow space for new data. All newly created or modified files on DATA1 are duplicated daily (7 days a week) onto the QNAP external drive, creating a redundant copy for long term storage. Files older than 6 months on DATA1 will routinely be deleted whenever the hard drive reaches 90% capacity. Removal of these files from DATA1 DOES NOT RESULT in any loss of data, because the long term copy will be available on QNAP for at least 3 years. Beyond that, QNAP files may remain for up to 10 years if space allows.