CFAR Clinical Sciences Core


Overview of Services

Clinical Services Core

CFAR Clinical Services Core is a central resource designed to support each step in the development, conduct, and analysis of all human subject research projects originated from or supported by the Rustbelt (CWRU/U Pitt) CFAR.  The Core at CWRU has maintained and expanded a comprehensive and accessible Patient Care and Research Database and linked specimen repository that both facilitates clinical management and serves as a robust resource for research activities.  The core provides researchers with access to patients pre-selected for interest and identified as eligible, through the Patient Care and Research Database, to participate in HIV clinical trials or other research studies.  It maintains and provides access to a newly established database of over 800 HIV-negative volunteers in the Cleveland area who are interested in participating in HIV research.  It assists CFAR researchers in planning and designing studies that use the PCRD and the specimen repository by helping investigators formulate research questions that take full advantage of the data and specimens available through the Core. The Core also coordinates the exchange of clinical and laboratory data with other institutions participating in collaborative projects designed to conduct research on HIV observational data. The CWRU CFAR is a founding member of two such collaborations, the CFAR Network of Integrated Clinical Systems (CNICS) and the North American AIDS Cohort Collaboration on Research and Design (NAACCORD). Lastly, the Core provides biostatistical and epidemiologic support and advice to CFAR investigators. 

Institutional Review Board Submissions

For information on submissions to the Institutional Review Board of University Hospitals of Cleveland, including Policies and Procedure: Investigator Certification, Forms and Templates; Federal Wide Assurance and Research HIPPA, please click here.

For information on submissions to the Institutional review Board of Case Western Reserve, click here.

CFAR Assistance

If you have questions about the billing information that is required or other questions concerning requesting services at the core facility, please email

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday through Friday

2061 Cornell Road, Suite 401

Cleveland, OH 44106

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Description of Services

Getting Started

1) Log into CrossLab using your Case ID and password

  • If you are an external user, contact CWRU Research Administration ( to set up an account.

2) Making a request

  • To make a request to the Clinical Services Core, once logged in, click on the "Request Services" or click HERE.
  • Click the "Request Service" button to the the right of the description of the project request.
  • Fill out all the information in the form.  Save the form by clicking "save completed form".
  • Then fill in the payment information below the form.
  • Finally, click the "submit request to core" button on the bottom right of the request.

3) Managing your Requests

  • Once the core agrees to the project, you will receive an email.
  • To view the progress of the project or to view any data attached to the project, log into CrossLab. (Login Page)
  • You will land on your home page.  All your projects in CrossLab will be listed on your home page. Click on the link to take you to your project request within the core.

4) Customer Manual