Light Microscopy Imaging Core

Overview of Services

The Light Microscopy Imaging Core in the School of Medicine provides access, training, and support for an extensive list of imaging equipment for widefield, confocal, super resolution microscopy (STED); stereology; whole-slide scanning. cleared tissue lightsheet, lattice lightsheet, and spatial biology (spatiomics) including CosMx and Xenium. Our systems allow for a variety of applications including confocal, FRAP, FRET, cellular dynamics in live cell culture 4D imaging, digital pathology (NanoZoomer), and large-size cleared tissue/organs imaging. particularly, visualizing DNA, RNA, Proteins at subcellular levels. The core operates on a cost-for-service basis. 

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Staffed hours: Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM     

Equipment available to trained users 24/7

2109 Adelbert Road

Cleveland, OH 44106



Name Role Phone Email Location
Michael Jenkins, PhD
Core Director

Andy Liu, PhD
Core Manager

Light Microscopy Imaging Core
Core Admin



Robbins Building, E632, CWRU