Proteomics and Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry Core

Overview of Services

The CWRU Proteomics and Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry Corein collaboration with the Case Center for Proteomics and Bioinformatics (CPB) was established in 2006. The Core provides state-of-the-art proteomic instrumentation, computational resources and software for systems biology, proteomic methods development, consultation, and training. The proteomics core is highly experienced in both structural and quantitative proteomics and core staff actively collaborates in grant proposals and development of novel technologies that applies proteomics/mass spectrometry to biomedical research.   Areas of expertise include the development novel LCMSMS assays, unbiased shotgun quantitative proteomic analyses (label free protein expression and ITRAQ), global phosphoproteomics, post-translation modification analysis, X-ray footprinting MS, and general mass spectrometry services.


  Contact Email Phone
Structural mass spectrometry (partial proteolysis and disulfide identification) Janna Kiselar 216-368-0979
Radiolytic Footprinting      
Quantitative Global Phospho Label Free Daniella Schlatzer 216-368-4014
Label Free Protein Expression (iTRAQ and Label Free Quantification)      
Small Molecule Absolute Quantification      
  Katy Lundberg 216-368-4159
Posttranslational Modifications (phosphorylation, acetylation, glycosylation, nitrosylation and acetylation)      
General Protein Identification and Intact Protein Analysis      
Affinity Purification Mass Spectrometry (APMS)      
UPLC/HPLC Analytical Services      


Thermo Orbitrap Eclipse Mass Spectrometer

Thermo Orbitrap Exploris 480 Mass Spectrometer

Thermo Orbitrap Q-Exactive Mass Spectrometer

Thermo TSQ Quantum Ultra

Thermo TSQ Quantiva

Thermo TSQ Altis

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday    

8 am - 5 pm 

2109 Adelbert Avenue, BRB 947

Cleveland, Ohio 44106

Links and Resources

  1. Institution core webpage
  2. School of Medicine webpage


Name Role Phone Email Location
Daniela Schlatzer
Core Director
BRB 947
Katy Lundberg
Core Manager

Xiaolin Li
Staff-Research Associate

Sausan Azzam
Staff-Research Associate