CFAR Systems Biology & Biostatistics Core

 CFAR Systems Biology & Biostatistics Core (Core F)


The CFAR Systems Biology & Biostatistics Core supports omic, functional immunology, and other highly dimensional approaches in HIV immunology and pathogenesis studies, including assays, bioinformatics and biostatistics.  

This site is under construction.  In the iterim, please contact Core Director Dr. Mark Cameron ( for overall core engagement information and transcriptomics support and Dr. Adam Burgener ( for microbiome/proteomics support.  


Core F Support Available (Case Site) 

Dr. Mark Cameron/Applied Functional Genomics Core

RNA Seq: Bulk, low input, sorting/CITE, FFPE

   -Fresh/fixed single cell (10X), single nuclei

   -Spatial (10X, Nanostring)

Epigenetics: Single cell ATAC (10X),

Bioinformatics: Transcriptomic, biomarkers/endotypes, integration

Drug discovery: In silico drug perturbation


Dr. Adam Burgener

MS: Microbial proteome, metabolomics

Microbiome: 16s rRNA seq

Analytics: Microbiome, proteomics, mucosal immunity 


Name Role Phone Email Location
Mark Cameron
Core Director
Adam Burgener
Core Manager