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Getting Started

1) Log into CrossLab using your Case ID and password

  • If you are an external user, contact CWRU Cores team ( to set up an account.

2) Making a request

  • To make a request to the Research Computing Core, once logged in, click on the "Request Services" tab or click HERE.
  • Click the "Request Service" button to the right of the description of the project request.
  • Fill out all the information on the form.  Save the form by clicking "save completed form".
  • Then fill in the payment information below the form.
  • Finally, click the "submit request to core" button on the bottom right of the request. 

3) Managing your Requests

  • Your request will be reviewed by the core and you will receive an email from the core with additional information. This could take up to 3 buisness days.
  • To view the progress of a project or to view any data attached to the project, log into CrossLab. (Login Page)
  • You will land on your homepage.  All your projects in CrossLab will be listed on your homepage. Click on the link to take you to your project request within the core.

Overview of Services

We offer services to address computational, storage, data transfer, data visualization, and database programming needs of researchers throughout the university.  We are also available to consult and collaborate in these and related areas, including assisting in the preparation of external funding proposals. We provide the following services to the research community:


High Performance Computing 

  • We provide access to a local high performance computing (HPC) cluster, "RedCat" and "Rider", for research use by CWRU faculty, staff, and students. The clusters mostly have regular compute nodes with some nodes equipped with GPUs, some nodes with over 512 GB of main memory, and a fast parallel storage system. Access to this cluster is provided through HPC membership, which can be acquired by paying the annual membership fee or by purchasing cluster hardware equipment.
  • We provide additional HPC storage at the fast parallel storage system, which is a single-copy with 7-day snapshot.
  • We provide assistance to researchers in using the national network of NSF-funded supercomputers.
  • Click for more information about High Performance Computing.

Research Data Storage  

  • We provide access to an online storage system, with a current capacity of approximately 700 TB, for research purposes.
  • The storage system is protected by RAID 6 and all files are replicated across the two UTech data centers to guard against data loss.
  • Users may add snapshots providing up to seven-day retention of deleted files and old versions of files for additional protection against data loss.
  • Click for more information about Research Data Storage.

Research Archival Storage

  • We provide a tape-based archival service for storing research data that has long-term value but is infrequently accessed.
  • This service provides an "object bucket" to upload and store archival data to a dual set of tapes.
  • Click for more information about Research Archival Storage.

Research Virtual Machine Service

  • We provide access to virtual machines for research purposes.
  • These can be custom configured for the desired number of vCPU cores, main memory (RAM), and persistent disk storage.
  • Please contact us for more information.

Secure Research Environment 

  • We provide a controlled virtual environment and FISMA-based security program for use with data containing sensitive information.
  • This service is required when working with research data containing PHI (personal health information) from an affiliated hospital.
  • The service provides a virtual desktop with access to software required for statistical analysis and other research work.
  • Click for more information about Secure Research Environment.  

Research Database Services 

  • We provide hosting for research databases in the web-based Oracle Application Express (APEX) system that runs on servers in one of the UTech data centers.
  • For databases containing data with a higher level of security required, please consider the APEX instance that we operate in the Secure Research Environment service.
  • UTech provides professional database design and programming services for APEX, REDCap, and LabMatrix.
  • Click for more information about Research Database.

Consultation Request 
We are available to consult/collaborate with you in a variety of areas.  These include, but are not necessarily limited to,

  • Assisting in the preparation of external funding proposals
  • Data management and database programming/administration
  • Visualization
  • High performance computing
  • Data-intensive computing including Hadoop and Spark
  • Proper handling of sensitive data
  • Online and offline storage of large volumes of research data


Please click on the "Request Services" tab above to see the complete list of services you can request.

Otherwise, you can contact us directly at


Roger Bielefeld, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President, UTech
(216) 368-3971


Hadrian Djohari, Ph.D.
(216) 368-0395

Core Staff

Sean Maxwell Research Computing Technologist Crawford Hall
Brian Christian Service Manager, Secure Research Environment Crawford Hall
Emily Dragowsky, Ph.D. Research Computing Technologist Crawford Hall
Jeremy Fondran Applications Developer Crawford Hall
Sanjaya Gajurel, Ph.D. Research Computing Technologist Crawford Hall
Matthew Garvey Research Database Programmer Crawford Hall
Theresa Grigger Department Assistant / Coordinator Crawford Hall
Cynthia Martin CI Engineer Crawford Hall
Joerg Oestreich Research Computing Technologist Crawford Hall


Hours of Operation and Location 

Hours Location

The HPC cluster operates 24/7 unless it is under maintenance.

The RCCI team works under regular business hours on Mon-Fri.


10900 Euclid Ave
Crawford Hall
Cleveland, OH, 44106

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