Small Molecule Drug Development Core

Overview of Services

The Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Small Molecule Drug Development Core is a newly-founded resource on campus for high-throughput screening of drug-like small-molecule libraries.  Our recently renovated lab space contains a wide range of automation equipment to facilitate high-throughput screening as well as robust lab infrastructure and ample space to accommodate collaborative efforts with investigators throughout the local research community.  

SMDD SR Operation During COVID-19

SMDD SR Work Policy.

Policy Statement: 

  We will continue to offer ALL of our services, but with significant changes to our User requests process, Staff Scheduling and User self-guided operations practices.  All current research projects will continue depending on resources availability and any new research projects will be initiated upon receiving and approval of a statement disclosing the critical nature of the research.

Revisions to Operating Protocol: 

Our modified protocol minimizes face to face interaction; we will communicate primarily by email, phone and other remote solutions with our Users.   

Essential personnel of our SR include 1 technical operator; to implement necessary social distancing recommendations, our operators will provide assistance by appointment only. 

All technical issues with instruments and servers will be resolved in a timely fashion and according to time and resource availability.

Self-guided user operations will continue with the following changes: (i) social distancing of six feet per person and to the greatest extent possible should be implemented at all times, (ii) each user is responsible for work stations cleaning and decontamination after operations complete, including bench space between instruments.

Workflow:  A technical operator will work on research projected on an as-requested basis.  Paperwork, logging, reporting, etc for each project will be completed at home.  As before, upon completion of project-related job and analysis, the operator will send a summary of the work completed to the User.

General Procedures:  We are holding remote meetings involving the current SR staff to discuss scheduling and any other issues once a week.  Additionally, I am checking in with each operator daily, either by phone or other remote solutions.  

Work from Home:  Orders, billing, QC, protocol development and iLab website modification will all take place from home.  Operators will only be at the laboratory while executing procedures.  Once the procedure is completed or at a stopping point for the day, they will return home.   


Dr. Drew Adams
Assistant Professor


Dr. Yuriy Fedorov
Managing Director
BRB 747

Hours of Operation and Location

Hours Location

10AM - 6PM               

2109 Adelbert Road
Cleveland, OH 44106