Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping Core

Overview of Services

The School of Medicine's Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping Core exists to provide a convenient resource for investigators at CWRU and other nearby institutions, producing in-depth characterization of mouse behavior with state of the art mouse behavioral testing equipment, methodology and expertise. The core facility is equipped to perform a comprehensive battery of behavioral tests in mice and rats to thoroughly, and objectively characterize and quantify the phenotype of overall motor and sensory function as well as other specific behaviors that may be of interest to investigators including learning and memory, place/fear conditioning, pain/analgesia, anxiety-related, depression-related behaviors, and various social behaviors with a high degree of repeatability. The facility can assist in all aspects of mouse behavioral testing including design and execution of behavioral tasks as well as data analysis and interpretation. The facility is located in the Health Sciences Animal Facility.

Location and hours of operation

9:00 AM -  5:00 PM  Monday - Friday

Robbins Bldg. RB05P
10900 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH, 44106

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Ian Adams
Core Manager

Evan Deneris
Core Director