Scientific Instrument Repair Center

CWRU Awards

President's Distinguished Service Award 1995

Sustainability Champion Award 2018

Services Offered

  • Mechanical and electronic diagnosis and repair of general and specialized laboratory equipment
  • Equipment design modifications and upgrades
  • Retro-fitting, reconditioning and rebuilding of older equipment
  • Calibration/Validation services 
  • Trained field service engineer on tissue and cell culture incubator peformance, contamination issues, maintenance and calibration (all brands and models)
  • Low temperature freezer maintenance and repair. 
  • Warranty service engineer for Stirling Ultracold, Panasonic/Sanyo and Shel Lab product lines
  • SIRC is a recognized ThermoFisher products Independent Service Organization for CWRU

We need your support

I would like to be consulted before new equipment is purchased. This is an opportunity to benefit from my more than three decades of experience servicing laboratory equipment at CWRU.

Certified Service Training for the SOM service engineer can be included on larger equipment or multiple item purchase agreements. A long-term service consideration for your new equipment and a contribution that the entire research community can benefit from for many years would be appreciated.

More than 10,000 CWRU researchers have benefited from our involvement on services and recommendations since 1984.


Major Equipment Serviced:

Analytical Equipment: please call 368-3225 


Centrifuges: Floor and bench top models 

  • Low speed centrifuges
  • Microfuges
  • Superspeed centrifuges


Electrophoresis Devices:

  • Gel box rewiring and repair
  • Electrophoresis high voltage leads fabrication
  • Power supply testing and diagnostics


Environmental Equipment:

  • Incubators - CO2, O2, water-jacketed, air-jacketed, general purpose constant temperature, low temperature
  • Incubators - CO2 and O2 calibration service - highly recommended for new installations, older incubators, and incubators that have not been professionally calibrated.
  • Incubators - Professional set up includes assembly, all tubing, tank switcher installation, testing, calibration, and validation
  • Cold products - 4 degree refrigerators, -20 freezers, -40 to -86 low temperature freezers. No compressors or refrigerant gas handling at this time.
  • Environmental shakers - Bench top and floor models


Heat and Steam Operated Equipment:

  • Benchtop autoclaves
  • Constant temperature circulating baths
  • Drying ovens
  • Dry baths
  • Hot plates


Miscellaneous Equipment:

  • DI water systems  
  • Fraction collectors
  • Homogenizers
  • Pipetters and auto-pipetters
  • Pumps - peristaltic and general purpose
  • Nutators
  • Rockers
  • Vortexers/touch stirrers
  • Water baths - general purpose


Vacuum Systems:

  • Diffusion
  • High vacuum systems
  • Vacuum Pumps - Pumps, speedvacs, gel dryers


Please call us about equipment that is not listed.




Name Role Phone Email Location
William M. Frank
Room R-B1H