Northeast Ohio High Field NMR Facility

Overview of Services

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy is a very versatile technology for the characterization of structure and dynamics of small molecules as well as biological macromolecules in solution (even as part of mixtures and in cells), but also in membrane mimicking environments, in solid powders or microcrystals.  The facility houses state of the art equipment primarily for solution NMR (Bruker 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900 MHz, Varian 400 and 600 MHz spectrometers), and a solid state capacity has been added to the Bruker 800 MHz spectrometer. Recently we were able to update the Bruker 600 and 700 MHz spectrometers to HDneo consoles and install new cryoprobes with superior sensitivity and capability to do direct 13C detect as well as 19F experiments.

Location and hours of operation

                                                                             Hours     Location                                                                                             Facility Phone Number
Monday-Friday  (Bruker 900MHz: School of Medicine) 9am-6pm
Monday-Friday  (Bruker 800MHz: School of Medicine) 9am-6pm
Monday-Friday  (Bruker 700MHz: School of Medicine) 9am-6pm
Monday-Friday  (Bruker 600MHz: Cleveland clinic foundation) 9am-6pm


CCMSB, Room 107 1819 E 101st St, Cleveland OH 44106 216-368-0286
Wood-RTB00 Wood Research Tower, 2109 Adelbert Road, Cleveland OH 44106 216-368-8828
Millis-G10 G10, Mills Hall, Chemistry Dept. 216-368-8833
NBB30 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland OH 44195 216-445-0641


Links and Resources

      Safety document & Training section document

  1. NMR Training & Safety document   & TOPSPIN (user -Manual)  (Please read safety document, before you schedule the training section)   
  2. Bruker Beginers Guide manual (describe the basic components of a Bruker spectrometer,their functionality)_ Topspin-3.2
  3. NMR Reference Standard sample form Bruker 5mm Probes

       I-lab (NMRCORE)

  1. Instructions for Creating i-lab account & login (Internal customers)
  2. Instructions to the principal investigator to approve the I-lab membership for His/Her group
  3. Instructions for Creating I-lab account & login (External customers)
  4. Instructions to users to Schedule the NMR instruments and Edit or delete the reservations
  5. Instructions to users to download the FID files (FTP) from NMR instrument computer
  6. Parking-permit (CCMSB_NMR facility)
  7. Download the fugu

      Experiments &Data_Processing



  1. North East Ohio High Field NMR Facility
  2. NMR User Fees
  3. CWRU Core Facilities


Name Role Phone Email Location
Matthias Buck, PhD
Robbins E607
Gregory P. Tochtrop, PhD
Millis 410A
Atul Srivastava, PhD
Core Manager
224A, Mills Hall, Chemistry Dept.
James Sill
Core Staff
Clapp Hall 206

Available Equipment and Resources

Name Price
400 MHz Varian Inova Spectrometer (Chem400- Walkup/No schedule)  
600 MHz Varian Inova Spectrometer (Macro600- Schedule/Walkup)  
Bruker-BioSpin Avance II 900 MHz NMR Spectrometer  
Bruker-BioSpin Avance I 800 MHz NMR Spectrometer  
Bruker-BioSpin Avance NEO 700 MHz NMR Spectrometer  
Bruker-BioSpin Avance ICE 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer