CVRI Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Core

Overview of Services

The CVRI Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Core (MMPC) uses the Sable (Sable Systems International) Promethion cage system for single-mouse whole body respirometry, body weight monitoring, and continuous food intake and activity measures. The state-of-the-art metabolic cage system utilizes open circuit respirometry in combination with a weigh station, massed food hopper, and exercise wheel. These features are combined with laser monitoring of mouse movement within the cage. The cage system is designed for low-stress housing (corn cob bedding, enrichment) allowing for the most accurate metabolic and behavioral phenotyping available.

The goal of the MMPC is to offer full mouse metabolic and activity phenotyping services to internal (CWRU) and external investigators. A basic run includes a setup consultation (free of charge), raw data from 8 cages including all measured parameters, and basic per cage analysis (gas analysis, wheel activity, food and water intake, body mass). Additional analysis is at additional charge and can include full statistical and graphic representations of the finds for use in funding proposals or publications.


Location and hours of operation

Hours   Location

Staffed: Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

  2103 Cornell Rd
  WRB 4419
  Cleveland, OH 44106

Links and Resources

  1. Mouse Metabolic and Activity Phenotyping Core Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Jeffrey A. Deiuliis, PhD
Core Director
WRB 4419
Armando Vergara-Martel
Core Manager
WRB 4419