Electronics Design Center


Overview of Services

The mission of the Electronics Design Center (EDC) is to advance the science and technology of microsensors and microsystems for chemical and biological applications and to provide education, training, expertise and facilities for students, faculty and researchers to advance these technologies. The EDC has pursued research in areas ranging from solid-state and biomedical sensors to micro-electrochemical energy systems. Applications for this research include medical, biological, automotive, industrial process control and various environmental monitoring uses. The Center is not only an educational and research center but also a fully equipped microfabrication laboratory that provides such services as metal/insulation sputtering, photolithography, wafer dicing and thick film printing. The EDC serves as maker space, for graduate and undergraduates taking courses in microfabrication, to students and researchers building their own devices. Expert faculty and staff are available to assist external users with service work and prototype development. 

Sputtering Resources

  • DC Sputtering System (Denton Vacuum Discovery 18)
  • RF Sputtering System (Denton Vacuum Explorer 14)
  • Targets: Au, Pt, Pd, Ir, Ti, Ni, SiO2, Al2O3 and many more

Photolithography Resources

  • Laurell Programmable Spin Coaters
  • Programmable Hotplates
  • ABM Mask Aligner
  • Inspection microscope with camera

Additional Resources

  • DISCO DAD3350 Dicing Saw
  • MPM TF-100 Thick Film Printer
  • Lucas Labs 4-Point Probe Resistance Measurement
  • Unitek Resistance Spot Welder

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

9am - 5pm

 Off hours usage by permission       

Bingham Building

2104 Adelbert Rd.

Cleveland, OH 44106-7200

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Rohan Akolkar, PhD
Core Director
Bingham 121B
Laurie Dudik
Core Manager
Bingham 125A