Germ-Free Mouse Models

Overview of Services

Research exploring the role of the microbiome, with particular emphasis on the gut microbiome, is rapidly exploding, affecting almost every organ in the body and every discipline in biology and medicine. One very important approach to study the functionality of the gut microbiome is the use of Germ-Free (GF) Mice, which are bred in gnotobiotic facilities. The Germ Free Mouse Models Core of the Case Digestive Health Research Institute (DHRI) and is housed in the Animal Resource Center (ARC) of the Biomedical Research Building (BRB) and provides a comprehensive and unique set of services for the greater research community. 



Fabio Cominelli, MD, PhD Core Director 216-844-7344

BRB 524
Alexander Rodriguez-Palacios, DVM, PhD Core Co-Director 216-368-8545 BRB 525
Mathew Conger Core Technical Director BRB 509A
Alicia DePlatchett, MBA Core Administrative Director 216-368-1674 BRB 523


Location and Hours of Operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday 

8AM - 4PM 

2109 Adelbert Road 

BRB 509A

Cleveland, OH 44106


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Name Role Phone Email Location
Alicia Deplatchett
Core Administrative Director

Mathew Conger
Technical Director