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Case Western Reserve University's Core Facilities and Centers offer a number of services, ranging from cell sorting and solar cell testing to polymer compounding and high resolution electron microscopy and are supported by faculty and staff with years of technical and scientific experience. Through these many, diverse resources, CWRU provides access to state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation, service work, technical expertise, and training all designed to support innovative, cutting edge research. Our cores and centers look forward to collaborating with university, research laboratory and industrial researchers in their scientific and commercial efforts.


Contact Matt DeVries  for help with general questions related to Core Facilities and Centers.

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Core leadership will provide advice, assay development, and consultation to support anyone's research program.

iLab Cores at Case Western Reserve University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Applied Functional Genomics Core

Athymic Animal & Xenograft Core

Kristen Weber Bonk 216-368-5924
Bioanalyte Core at CWRU

Tracey L. Bonfield 216-368-4558
Biomedical Engineering Resources Core

Dominique M. Durand 216-368-3974
CDDRCC Histology

Theresa Pizarro
CVRI Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Core

Jeffrey A. Deiuliis, PhD 614-599-5898
Center for Advanced Research Computing

Cryo-Electron Microscopy Core Facility

Kunpeng Li 7654215516
Cystic Fibrosis Mouse Models Core

Cytometry & Imaging Microscopy Core

Cytometry & Imaging Microscopy 216-368-5267
DDRCC Biorepository Core

Alicia DePlatchett 216-368-1674
DDRCC Mouse Models Core

Alicia DePlatchett, MBA 216-368-1674

Gene Expression and Genotyping Facility

Debora Poruban 368-8748
Genomics Core Facility

Simone Edelheit 216-368-1887
Hematopoietic Biorepository and Cellular Therapy Core

Imaging Research Core

Chris Flask 216-844-4963
Light Microscopy Imaging Core

Michael Jenkins 216-368-1488
MORE Center

Ina Martin 216-368-4007
Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping Core

Ian Adams 216-368-6179
Neurodegenerative Research Core

Crystal Moskal 216-368-0819
Northeast Ohio High Field NMR Facility

Matthias Buck, PhD 216-368-8651
Protein Expression Purification Crystallization and Molecular Biophysics Core

Yinghua Chen 216-368-8962
Proteomics and Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry Core

Daniela Schlatzer 216-368-4014
RNA Profiling Core

Frank A. Tedeschi 368-6711
SDLE Research Center

Scientific Instrument Repair Center

William M. Frank 216-368-3225
Small Molecule Drug Development Core

Soft Matter Characterization Laboratory

Lei Zhu
Swagelok Center for Surface Analysis of Materials

Simone Quartell 216-368-4230
Tissue Resource Core

Adam Kresak, MS 216-844-5389
Translational Shared Resource

Paul Hartman 216-286-3887

Radhika Atit
CFAR Immune Function Core

Doug Bazdar 216-368-5260
Clinical Services Core

Molecular and Cellular Virology Core

Jennifer Bongorno Hurt, Ph.D. (216)368-1139